Project History

Swimming has no age or social barrier. The old pool used to hold Saturday morning “free for all” learn-to-swim sessions, with between 200 and 300 children turning up to lessons. Lots of kids who aren’t “sporty” in the accepted sense, find joy and achievement in the water. The new pool will make it easier for parents to take their children to swimming lessons. Local schools will be able to make regular use of the pool for lessons, not just a week or two a year now.

The St Albans Pavilion and Pool Inc (SAPP) was formed after the old pool was demolished with the primary goal of rebuilding this community facility. We’ve made a lot of progress. The land has been secured from the Christchurch City Council, we have 85% of the money we need and the pool has resource consent and we’ll soon be submitted the detailed plans for building consent.

Pool History

Christchurch City Council purchased the land at 43A Edgeware Rd in 1921 and used it as a yard for 10 years.

In 1930 the site was secured by the St Albans Pool Committee and permission was granted to build a public pool on what was Council Reserve land. Community fundraising started immediately and the pool opened in 1934 hosting the New Zealand swimming championships.

The pool was operated by the community until 2002 when it was taken over by Christchurch City Council. This arrangement only lasted 4 years. In 2006, against the community’s wishes, the pool was demolished. It had been the centre of the community for many local residents who have fond memories of meeting friends there and enjoying many an hour at the pool.

Read the full history – A History of St Albans Swimming Club and Edgeware Pool 1892 -2006. Available for purchase through our online shop.