Pool Could Become a Refuge in a Hot Climate

Edgeware Pool’s outdoor swimming pools could provide a “climate refuge” in Christchurch as the global temperatures rise and the climate changes, guest speaker Bronwyn Hayward told the Edgeware Pool group at their AGM.

Political science professor Bronwyn Hayward, who zoomed into the meeting on June 26, described how the protest over the pool demolition in 2006 had informed her research work on youth. The protests taught a whole cohort of children how to effect change.

During research work a decade ago she surveyed young people about their needs and they wanted things like free travel so they could be independent, safe places to gather, and more equitable access to green space. These needs still apply. 

Climate change was becoming more urgent and made a pool like the one planned for Edgeware a more urgent necessity.

Cr Pauline Cotter told 20 people at the meeting to keep their eyes on the prize (the building of the new pool that replaces the one demolished against community wishes). “It is poised for imminent success.. it WILL happen.”