Pool rebuild appoints project managers

Pool rebuild appoints project managersPool rebuild appoints project managers — by Swimming bath
As we near the milestone of lodging building consent, St Albans Pavilion and Pool Inc. has appointed Construction Management (CM-NZ) as project managers to deliver the rebuild of the Edgeware Pool. Working with our existing consultant team, CM-NZ will ensure a smooth transition into the construction stage.
You could call our project “shovel ready,” but unlike in 1933, we won’t be relying on people with hand shovels to dig this one—except for the first sod turning, which will take place sometime in the next few months.
CM-NZ CEO Paul Belcher, says, “As a local living in the area, I am proud to join the group of local professionals who have committed their resources to the pool project. So much time and effort has gone into this project already.” Local companies have come on board to assist in re-instating this community pool, just as happened with the original pool construction. From end-to-end it has been built by the community for the community.”
The St Albans Community Pool group has already raised $300,000 in cash and kind for design, resource consents, a Geotech investigation and technical support, further fundraising will ramp up once construction begins, says Lynne O’Keefe, Chair of the St Albans Pavilion and Pool group
‘For 70 years, the Edgeware Pool was a popular summer community gathering place, where families socialised and generations of children learned to swim, life-save and train, even at national competition level,’ she said.
‘We lost the pool 18 years ago, but now at last we can begin to restore this valuable community asset. We’ve had a lot of support from the wider community and schools, with many school pools closed down over the years.’
St Albans still is the second-fastest growing suburb in Christchurch and having a local pool will have be of huge benefit to the health and wellbeing of the St Albans and wider community.
For more information about CM-NZ, visit cm-nz.co.nz.