The Project

The New Pool

Environmental sustainability is a key priority for the project. The pool will be sustainably built and run, support climate goals and embrace localism.

The new Edgeware Pool will have:

  • A splash pool for toddlers
  • A landscaped grassed picnic and barbecue area to encourage community get togethers
  • A modest building housing the plant room, changing rooms, toilets, reception, meeting room/gym
  • 25 m x 12 m pool, with a manu pool attached, accessible ramp entry
  • 8 m x 12 learners’ pool
GetCreative 2014

Local Asset

The new pool will be a community-owned asset and will draw on the wider community (parents, grandparents, schools and other locals) to volunteer and support the paid staff – a manager and lifeguards. The pool is on two bus routes, a major cycleway and is within walking distance of the St Albans School and St Albans Catholic School. Its location therefore makes it ideally placed to bond the community.

After years of post-earthquake chaos and rebuilds, road cones, climate change fears, and now a pandemic, a community pool in the heart of St Albans, where kids can hang out and families can socialise outdoors, close to home, will contribute significantly to community wellbeing.

Image: GetCreative 2014

Teaching our Tamariki to Swim

There are 16 primary and secondary schools – 7,500 students – within a 2 km radius of the pool site. Few schools have retained their pools but many, such as St Albans School, isn’t able to use its pool for general community use and it is too shallow for a proper learn-to-swim pool. Other schools in our area have expressed interest in using the new pool.

Local schools, including – St Albans School and St Albans Catholic School – have to bus children to a pool for lessons, but can only manage to do this one week a year. One week’s lessons is not enough time to build the confidence and basic competency for water safety.

Senior Management Team,

St Albans School.

“St Albans School is excited at the prospect of having a Community Pool in Trafalgar St, just around the corner from our school, making this facility so easily accessible for both the school and our community. Our parents can access additional swimming lessons and more opportunities to build water confidence for their children, and our community can connect and socialise.”